Welcome to the official blog of Isabel Burt

Isabel Burt writes novels of Fantasy and Fiction for younger readers.

She suggests about eleven years and up, but has caught all ages sneaking peeks and enjoying her novels!  Toxics  and Oceansa fantasy duet set in the Old World, are available to buy online, in stores, or to order from all good bookshops!

This site combines pages for her novels, and her posts where she would love you to join her, and join in!

If you prefer simply email using the contact page, or pop over to Twitter or Facebook and leave your thoughts and questions there. She appreciates all feedback and will respond :)

Her passions, are life, wildlife, and booklife and her posts contain all this plus news on the novels, and occasionally a secret guest appearance!

Photography by Rosie and illustrations by Abigail, to whom she is indebted for their beautiful contributions!

Novels of fantasy and flight from reality – Let’s escape together!                                                                                                                                                             

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