Felicity meets Reuben

In Chapter One Felicity finds herself facing a strange boy – or is he?…

   “The fog cleared as if by instruction to allow Felicity and the voice to see each other. Felicity was looking at a youngish man. but there was something quite different about him. She peered at his face. Eyes, almond-shaped and hazel brown. Her inspection continued down his face. Largish nose…wide, smiling mouth. Smiling? She realised and quickly returned to his eyes. They were crinkled up at the outer corners.

            ‘How do you know my name?’ she asked, ‘ and furthermore why are you laughing at me?’

            ‘You just told me your name,’ he replied, ‘and I was smiling at your bad manners. I think they are funny,’ he explained politely, but still half-smiling.

            ‘Well!’ said Felicity, quite loudly…she could feel the blood rushing up to fill her face and neck with colour. She was glad of the murky light…and then his words clarified in her mind. ‘Our world’ he had said. ‘My world’ she had automatically replied.

            ‘Where am I?’ she asked.”

(extract from Toxics Chapter One, abridged by author © isabelburt.com)

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