The characters we create

So when a tough editor speaks publishing talk and you have to lose, perhaps, some of your favourite characters, would you? Or would you fight to justify their existence? Let me know how you feel about the characters you have created.

2 thoughts on “The characters we create

  1. C.B. McCullough says:

    I’d have to really think about it. On the one hand, it’s wise to heed the advice of a professional who knows his/her stuff. On the other hand, there are plenty of other editors out there… Depending on the circumstances, I might seek a second opinion :)

    • isabelburt says:

      True. I read that it’s the interpretation of an editor’s advice which is the key. Their skill has perceived a problem (!) but it’s up to the author to resolve it in a way with which they are happy. Perhaps the death of beloved characters is not necessary – just a reworking of them in some way – it would be lovely to have a multitude of professional opinions wouldn’t it? I don’t suppose they would all agree but the feedback would be extraordinary. I was at a writer’s conference where the successfully published speaker was leading a critical analysis of someone’s manuscript – and the speaker utterly rejected it. When it was the turn of the listening agent to give their opinion – they revealed they had already signed up the author on the basis of the same manuscript! It just shows that in the end you must listen – but ultimately have confidence in yourself ?

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