For my readers – MEET THE ORION

Hello again!

Last time you visited, it was to find out a little more of the Old World. As I write these posts ‘For my readers’, I imagine I am talking to you, someone who loves reading and escaping into the world of your book. I hope you will enjoy visiting this Old World, when Toxics is finally available.

I am sorry you cannot read it straight away – I wish you could – but I am having to learn about the world in my laptop, just like Felicity has to learn all about the strange world she finds herself in.

So…back to the people and creatures who live in the Old World – well I talked a bit about The West, homelands to the Orion, and the Fragrants. Reuben is an Orion. He leads the Quest to save his world. If you go to your local wildlife park, you might spot ring-tailed lemurs. The Orion have tails very similar to them. Otherwise you wouldn’t know the difference between an Orion and a human, really. Except when they have to move fast. Or escape. Then they can use all their hidden talents! When I was creating them, I wrote, ‘mostly human but with slightly deeper skin colours, and slightly more hairy. Mesmerising eyes – intense like a cat’s. A very attractive species. The special light of the Old World seems to light up their downy skins to rich hues. The essential difference is their extra jointed legs like a cat, hence their great physical skill for climbing and leaping etc. oh, and one tiny thing…massive black and white stripy tails like Lenny the ring-tailed lemur [that is a teddy we own]. Like a monkey they can hang from it and use it as a third hand.’

Let’s meet the Fragrants next time…

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