For my readers – a taste of the Toxics…

Hello, here’s another sneak at Toxics –

I am sorry it is not a peek at the Fragrants as promised – the Toxics were clamouring to be heard so I decided to let them out for a moment! This is the first time Felicity sees the dark Toxics…

Reuben called on the ground and the air as he ran full pelt, and his stature was as stone as he halted to repeat for the third time,

‘Introduce yourselves, disturbers of this world of balance, and miseries of life.’ Felicity gasped. Surely now the Toxics would pounce. They held still, but the two leaders moaned evilly and lumpy saliva drooled over their facial spines. Reuben looked directly at them. Their eyes were large like Gus, but in place of deep intelligence, were two black chasms. No light reflected in their pupils. The orbs of darkness turned towards him. He tried to mind share. He could hear only wind. A rushing wind and the sound of whispers, low and malicious…then the smaller one spoke,

‘We choose not to speak in the language of the world,’ it said in voiceless grunts of air, ‘but for the advancement of our cause we will use the words of a world that is destined for change.’

(abridged by author © Isabel Burt 2013)

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