For my readers

For anyone who is new to this blog – ‘For my readers’ posts are simply about my fantasy novel, Toxics.

It is a story, for whoever likes it, but I suppose I was thinking of those of you who are trapped in the middle. Not a child, not yet quite an adult. Waiting, endlessly, for your freedom! It’s coming, don’t worry, but meanwhile, I hope you enjoy escaping with Felicity, a fourteen-year old who lands in an adventure, and meets an unusual boy!

If you find this blog, I will tease you with a few glimpses of the story, the world it is set in, and some of the characters you meet along the way. Look back at the other posts that are headed, ‘For my readers’ to catch up.

I can’t give all the secrets away – you will have to read the book. I will let you know when it is available.

Perhaps it will be time to move to a better place, then, just for Toxics. A site where we can talk about the book, the characters, and other books on the way! We can get away from me waffling about other things, and concentrate on the stories!  And Felicity, and Reuben, and…

Before you go, I will keep my promise, and describe one of the plant species who live in the Old World – the Fragrants.

They grow high in the forest canopies, near the Orion country. They are similar to an orchid, but at least as tall as a man, and in many wonderful colours like the humming birds that live in their tropical forests. When creating them, I wrote, ‘Truly the most beautiful things Felicity has ever seen.  Very hypnotic movements. Have tendrils like climbing plants, and can cadge lifts by winding around others, or can use the wind like the Colour Changers.’

See you next time!

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