For my readers – time to meet the Oceanids…

As promised last week, here’s a little snippet containing the Oceanids to keep you entertained.

Hopefully you will be able to read the WHOLE story before too long. I really am working very hard to prepare it for you to hold in your hand…meanwhile let’s go join Felicity as she meets the ANCIENTS – the elder Oceanids of great wisdom who help guide Reuben and the quest group…

          ‘These Oceanids are the oldest living creatures to inhabit the Old World,’ said Pippi. Looking at the scarred, barnacle-encrusted body of the one who spoke, Felicity could believe it. They were staggered along the shore like ships coming in to dock, and all were a greyish colour. She supposed their energy had gone into their size. It was not polite, she knew, but it was hard to find something beautiful about any part of them. They had tiny eyes, and an indistinct mouth right at the bottom of their square-shaped heads. When they spoke it dropped down onto the sand like a ferry ramp. She had not really thought about the first two she had met. There had been so much else to focus on, like surviving. But now, in this bare place, and faced with eight all looking her way, it was impossible not to notice detail. Especially as she had discovered the shallow cave behind offered no refuge.’

See you next time!

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