If you have been reading these posts about Toxics, then you will already know that it is a mystical story set in a world, called the Old World. You may even have looked at the page on Toxics to find out a little more.

Today I think it is time to find out about Felicity. Her curiosity landed her in a wild adventure. But where did she come from? This is a tiny snippet of what she has left behind:

‘The house felt cold, empty. Felicity tried to explain the feeling to Al, one day.

‘It’s as if the roof has been ripped off. Mum has gone mad, and Freya just goes out every night with her friends.’

‘Your mum isn’t mad, Flissy.’ Al replied as they sat on the swing seat in Felicity’s garden. The cats were fighting again. Felicity’s sister Freya had a cat. Princess Mew had produced kittens and Felicity had saved the tiny, black runt of the litter. He was so small and defenceless. However, within a year his length equalled the neighbour’s Collie, and his entrance through a window was announced with a large thud. He had grown into a black panther – and his tiny mother hated him. Their growling and spitting became so noisy Felicity and Al went inside.’

See you next time!

© Isabel Burt 2013

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