Wednesday Words – For my readers – ‘TOXICS’

wolfgangJust a reminder that Wednesday Words is for my readers – adults are allowed but only by permission!

Keep popping in to Wednesday’s for news of Toxics – I will let you know when it is available to buy, and that is not long now! Meanwhile you will find on Wednesday words little sneak previews, and snippets of the Old World and its inhabitants…

About three years ago, I was sitting on a pebbly beach, and Felicity popped into my head. Then came the Toxics, swift on her heels – determined to tell me their story. Of course chasing them was Reuben, the brave Orion, chosen to lead the quest.

It is the most exciting thing, creating a story. It’s as wide, and as deep, and as high as you can imagine. It can change as fast as you can blink, and you can fill it with people. Sib, Gus, Georges, Pippi, Wolfgang, Scratt, and Little Green piled into the pages as the Old World wove its tentacles around my mind.

But when it came to naming it, who was the most important? Felicity had begun it – simply by being curious. Really the story belonged to all of them.

However, there wouldn’t have been anything to say, without the Toxics – so I let them take the title –

TOXICS – due out this winter…!

Oh, and by the way, that is a little picture of Wolfgang – a very powerful Lupata – if you stood by him you would probably not come much higher than his knees. You will not find pictures in the book – so don’t forget to peek at this page each week for fun previews and pics.

See you next time!

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