MONDAY MIX – for those at the beginning of the path

OwlI am trying, on Monday Mix, to post a tiny bit of help for those just starting out on the idea of self-publishing.

As I am finding useful information, I shall try to pass it on. As you build up the names of the very good blogs, websites, and articles that are out there – you can build up your own repertoire of self-help and breaking news.

I have read there are on average 900 articles on self-publishing out at any one time – well – I shall simply post anything I find interesting on my journey of learning – and if it guides one person to one new inspiration- then that’s a beginning, for now.

Over the week-end, I read a lovely guide to marketing your book, once it is published. This is jumping ahead a little, or is it? I have found the drive to keep learning – whether it be creating a professional product, or how to harness social media – is all fuelled by the final aim of publishing, and reaching readers.

So many different motivations, but only one way. For all of us; publishing houses and publishers single!

I wonder how the travelling bards of old marketed their tales?


Using an e-mail signature to promote your book

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