Wednesday words – a sneak peek at the Old World for my readers

This week, I thought you might like a bigger chunk of Toxics. Here is an extract, in which we see Georges – the massive Taureau – finishing his swim.

‘Georges surged towards them in the river and they all scaled the slimy banks as fast as they could. The waves announced his arrival. He heaved his mammoth bulk out of the frothing water with great difficulty. Looking around the group Felicity saw them struggling to contain their mirth. Scratt held his lips pursed tightly together. Reuben was biting the inside of his cheeks. Even Orchadea was trying to concentrate on the ground beneath her. Georges stood, sides heaving on the soggy ground, and announced,
‘You saw, I hope, my streamlined physique cut through the water like a young Oceanid. My Taurelle, Tatania is a lucky woman.’ At these words, the whole gang exploded in snorting, gasping laughter. Georges was outraged. He galloped across the prairie roaring,
‘Ill-mannered whippet generations – Ignorant young pups of unknown age – Rude, ungrateful limpets of the world – ’ his bellows caused basking birds to rise, and scattered the small deer-creatures grazing in the afternoon sun.
It took the diplomacy of their combined strengths to tempt him back, with Wolfgang and Pippi as emissaries carrying profuse apologies. The troupe settled down to eat the fat chive-flavoured river reeds that grew in abundance at the waterline. Then refreshed and invigorated by their day, they set off for Reuben’s lands. Felicity looked back at the sparkling water as they cut a trail away towards the hills in the distance. She felt a need to memorise the images of this adventure. To tell Al and mum. Then shoulders lifted she looked ahead.’

See you next time – and keep listening – you will be able to read the whole novel very soon – and readers I shall announce the publication date here very first of all!

© Isabel Burt 2013

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