Wednesdays are always for my readers, as promised, and so this week I think it’s time to meet the symbols of the species in the Old World. They are on the Toxics page, also, and you will notice I have now added the Strata – who got left off the page, by mistake!

They would not be amused – but they would not be angered – they are the peacekeepers of the Old World.

The Symbols – like the Old world – are simple:

The Strata fly above the horizon (top of page)

The Taureau are represented by their horns –  their enharmonic  – The Green leaf encloses the Taureau in its symbol

The Oceanids are represented as intersecting water beasts – their enharmonic – The Aquatics leaf pad encloses the Oceanid symbol

The Lupata show their teeth! – their enharmonic – The Thorn defence sign encloses the Lupata teeth

The Orion show their feline nature upon their shape of symmetry – their enharmonic – The Fragrants adorn and enclose the Orion symbol

The Sibilin symbol has a supple twist – their enharmonic – The Colour changers encircle the Sibilin in secure peace

The Toxics seek balance in their sign

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