WEDNESDAY WORDS – For my readers

Time for workWell, the cover of Toxics is still in progress.

So today I would like to share a little of the fable that anchors the story of the Toxics. It is a sad tale, and everyone is listening quietly to Gus, including Felicity, as he speaks of the history of his kind:

   ‘It is said that in the old ages all life lived in great harmony and balance with the Great Spirit. It created pure goodness and joy, which seeped out into all other worlds. Sometimes an Orion travelled to those worlds to share our message of love and joy. The Great Spirit was proud of his wonderful creation, which was doing so well. His pride was his undoing. He took his eyes away for a moment, and the Toxics were born…The descendants scattered throughout the lands, unwanted even by their own kind. The plants and the beasts saw these sad creatures that lived in the shadows of their world, and they ignored them, misfits of ugliness in an otherwise perfect, beautiful world. They were misunderstood and sometimes reviled. Over the years they became angry and bitter. Bitterness turned to wickedness, and revenge became their cry.’

This is an abridged version, of course, and the entire tale will be in Chapter Three, and Chapter Three will be in Toxics – coming out very soon!

© Isabel Burt 2013

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