WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers

Hello! I was thinking you might like to hear a little about Reuben and the Orion today.

Reuben is an Orion, and if you look back you will see what the Orion are. They are mostly like us – but a little more physically skilful. They have extra spring in their legs, like the cat families in our world – big and small!. All Orion have a fluffy, black and white tail, but Reuben does not. No-one knows why, but his mother alone suspects the truth. They are very attractive, and this can lead, with some of them, to a tendency for vanity.

You wouldn’t know Reuben was not a boy. If the sun touches his skin, Felicity can see his face and body have a sheen of fine down, – but many humans have that too. He has dark, slippy hair, that he ties back from his face with a cord.

During the story, Reuben grows up, and becomes a man. He grew up in a large settlement, called Orionwood. Felicity travels there with him, and below is an extract in which Felicity meets Reuben’s mother for the first time:

    ‘Felicity was fascinated by her. She was quite tall, but smaller than Reuben. Her hair was dark and silky like Reuben’s but flecked with grey. Her eyes were huge yellow-amber orbs. She moved with a grace that Felicity envied. She was truly a beautiful creature. Felicity felt shy. Reuben stepped back and took her hand. He pulled her in front of his parents.

‘Mother, Father, I introduce to you Felicity Isabel Penfold. She has come from a world apart and is the stranger I was first sent to seek for the quest.’

See you next time!


© Isabel Burt 2013




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