WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers


Today is Toxics day, as you will know if you visit here regularly!

Toxics is a novel for children and young adults, although I have caught big adults peeping at early drafts of it!

Wednesday Words are specifically novel days for my readers, where you can find excerpts from the novels, extra information and pictures about the novels, and of course, you can contact me with any questions you have about the novels.

Toxics is my first full-length novel. Its sequel has begun – but you won’t be interested in that, until you get to know all the characters in Toxics!

Scroll back through Wednesday Words – and you can meet some of them, and find out about The Old World, the home of the book.

There may be some changes coming up, to my blog, to help everyone find what they want. Don’t worry. I won’t lose you, and I will still be here, too!

Toxics is due out this winter, and will be available to buy through all major channels, in print or digital versions.

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