WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers


All of you who have been following Wednesday posts, know they are all about my novel, Toxics.

This story is for young adults, primarily, but of course it’s just a story, and anyone who enjoys it, irrespective of age.

Most people aged 11-14 or so will not be reading a WordPress Wednesday Post – they will be abseiling off Tumbler pics, Instagram, etc etc etc, as the King of Siam says, in the movies.

But if you know someone of around that age, who would enjoy a love adventure, in a beautiful, organic world – then this is their story!

To recap, for any new readers: Toxics is set in the Old World – a world almost in parallel to ours. It is like earth, with similar climate and topography, but with no development. All is from the earth, and quite primitive.

Or is it?

In its sequel, Oceans, perhaps all was not quite as it seemed, in Toxics.

But for now, back to Toxics. Felicity, its heroine, is mysteriously taken there. Why? As the story unfolds, it becomes clear the Old World anticipated her arrival. Things are not so much fun, for Felicity, back home, so with initial reluctance, she allows herself to become more and more involved with the wonderful, and not so wonderful, creatures and plants that she meets.

But, if you HAVE been following Wednesday Words, you will have met Reuben. Is Reuben the real reason Felicity becomes slowly drawn into the troubles, and exotic beauty of this very special world?

Well, once you have read Toxics – you can decide for yourself.


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