MONDAY MIX – Talking to writers

toxicswebWell, it’s Monday again, and the link I pass you today, is from a very good site if you are trying to learn about self-publishing.

There is so much information, as I said when I began Monday Mix. It is difficult to know where to begin.

My favourites for comprehensive advice, as a beginner in this world, would be Joanna Penn, David Gaughran, and Joel Friedlander. They give a good mix, but they are only the tip of the iceberg!

It is hard to suggest sites, as each author has their own personal reasons for writing, and publishing. These three cover comprehensive advice and lively podcasts and audiocasts from Joanna Penn, news and views from David Gaughran, and practical design and media advice from Joel Friedlander.

They are suggested as a possible beginning, but there are so many equally superb, quality blogs and websites. Good hunting, and please share your treasured finds!

However, Monday Mix would not be Monday Mix, without one link – so as promised here is a link from one of them talking about Twitter.

Twitter in 6 minutes for authors

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