WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers


I have read an author say for each and every one of her novels, the writing process was different.

The Old World was waiting for me, I only had to listen.

The stage was set, and in jumped Felicity, Reuben, Gus, Sib, Georges, Pippi, Wolfgang, Scratt, Little Green, and Orchadea.

Now the seas and Oceans beckon me to return. But this time Toxics is at my heels, wanting to be heard!

Toxics will be available by early December. Keep tuning in on Wednesdays for the actual date!

Meanwhile I leave you with Felicity and the Old World:

      ‘Oh my God,’ she muttered. For behind her was an army of moving shadows. They spread out in the dusky light. Her heart was pumping fast now. She took some very deep breaths and, without turning, pushed her voice into the gloom. ‘I am Felicity Isabel Penfold,’ she said firmly, trying to stand as she spoke out into the rapidly darkening light.

            ‘Welcome, Felicity Isabel Penfold,’ said a voice close behind her.’

© Isabel Burt 2013

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