TUESDAY THESAURUS – a change in the air!

OwlWelcome to Tuesday Thesaurus if you have ended up here!

Monday Mix, and Wednesday Words are no longer!…

Tuesday Thesaurus combines the best of both, and saves me precious writing time. I know all the writers amongst you will understand, and I hope all the readers amongst you will forgive me on the grounds that a little less blogging equals a lot more story, and a faster turnaround for the sequel to Toxics.

I would like Tuesday Thesaurus to combine:

… any news on the novels (important news will also appear on their own pages – Toxics and Oceans).

…any interesting articles I have come across for writers, readers, conservationists, philosophers, poets, and general bloggers who are just bored.

…beautiful photography from Snap and artwork from Abigail, without whom this blog would be very grey!

…guest posts from other authors and friends

…competitions and offers on the novels- news of which I will try always to remember to post on their pages for those that want to skip straight to THE BOOKS!

Once a month I will gather together a précis version, including, as always, all the novel activity. To receive this please sign up on the Mailchimp form and you will receive one in due course!

You can also find me enjoying Twitter over lunch, and I do share my blog with Facebook, but I don’t spend much time there.

I hope you enjoy the new Tuesday Thesaurus – and ALWAYS feel free to leave comments – I do reply to each and every one.

See you next Tuesday!

Notes: Tuesday – named after the Germanic God Tiw (associated with Mars). Thesaurus – a book that lists words in groups of related concepts.

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