TUESDAY THESAURUS – A slice of life, and of this site!


For new visitors, welcome! For old friends, welcome back!

You have found my twice-weekly posts meant to help new authors, inspire dreaming philosophers, and entertain readers from time to time ;)

I am a children’s author, and you can find out about me from my pages, just click on the links at the top of this page.

Toxics, my first full-length fantasy novel for children and YA was released December 2013, and its sequel, Oceans, is my current labour of love.

Tuesday Thesaurus is an eclectic mix of self-help links for new authors, mainly focused on writing skills, or self-publishing, but I remain impulsive so you may find a variety of topics in my links. I support the preservation of our beautiful wildlife, and their habitats, and the odd post of wild beauty may creep in – I aim to be mainly author/reader based, though!

Friday Fruitfulness is simply my favourite quotations. I love the power of a quote. It can transform a day, by humming silently in my head, and affecting all I do, think or say, when it is still fresh in my mind – resonating with the strength of a mother’s touch.

Do you agree?

I should say, that I love to hear from you,  by email, or comment below, or even on Twitter – see the feed at the right-hand side of this page.

You can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the link at the top right-hand corner, and it will take you through a short form to enable you to receive my newsletter – a monthly round-up of the odd post, quotation, and any exciting news on my books!

If you would like to buy Toxics, links are on the Toxics page. If you are tempted, thank you, and I hope you enjoy visiting the Old World :)

Here’s this week’s link, then, a stunning overview of last year, from the very talented National Geographic teams:

National Geographic 2013

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