Tuesday Thesaurus – Creating an Old World

wolfgangToxics began with an idea, following a crack of a leg on marble and two weeks staring out at a blustery coastline. The potent mixture of complete immobility, and restless waves spiralled into a story of a young, restless girl, discovering a vast, dusty staircase in an old school.

From nowhere came the symbols, and the creatures of a world not yet entirely imagined, but lurking in the depths of my subconscious. There quickly followed old school geography books, stunning tomes on beautiful wildlife, Victorian painters of flora and fauna, historical documents, visits to the capital with its fine museum and library. Trawled memories of endless sea, and sky and wave; forests of pine and white lizards’ rock. The process took many months and all the time under this gathering of facts, and inspiration the subconscious beat with a steady drum.

Truth layered upon imagination – a tower of dreams with substantiation.

Then came the writing months.

Burnt suppers and missed appointments. A dog softly snoring as a new day began. Singed fingers replacing dead candles, and hands stiff with cramp on the keyboard. Family calling with frustration, and a back screaming to be stretched.

What is it that makes us want to write?

I would love to hear what pushed you to pick up the pen/keyboard for the very first time, and write that novel… :)

And here’s a fun link of the weird and wonderful writing habits of some well-known authors: 9 Weirdest Writing Habits

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