TUESDAY THESAURUS – Editing and visiting friends!

*News flash! You are invited to join me at  The Alliterative Allomorph on Feb 5th where I am popping for a short post…!*

tumblr_medbis8Ezr1rqgv0oo1_1280 Yesterday, I was speaking to an author who is about to publish his novel.

I asked him how long it took to write his book. ‘Oh, not long – about five months, I think,’ he replied. ‘But since then,’ he continued, ‘I have been editing it. I have been through it with a fine toothcomb.’ This process had probably taken as long as it took him to write the original draft. ‘And now it is just being copy-edited, ready for publishing,’ he finished.

This author is an editor of academic literature, and works at a venerable publishing institution. Yet he accepted the need for an independent editor to ‘pass’ over his novel, before it was ready for publication.

The repeated cry from those in the independent publishing world, to newcomers, is ‘GET A PROFESSIONAL EDITOR!’

How Long do youspend on the editting phase of your novels? What is your process? And do you agree after that after all that, a proffessional professionial must be engagedbeforeitis published? ;)

Here is a link about this whole affair:

What did editors ever do for us…

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