TUESDAY THESAURUS – How shall we promote our work?

First a little news reminder!


Author book signing at Waterstones, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes UK Sat March 8th 11-2!

Pop in while you shop, try a Fizzruff right out of the Old World, and hear what’s happening to Felicity and Reuben right now ;)


How does an independent author choose the many ways of promoting their books, once written?

The independent publishing world remains as competitive as the traditional publishing world, the pressures shift on their axis but they will remain as long as there is money, and men.

You can begin to blog, learn to tweet, address Facebook, and post on Pinterest, amongst others.

You can bore your friends, your family, the milkman, and the veggie box driver.

You can toss and turn at night thinking of all the ways people can see, or not see, your wonderful creation.

And you can pay.

Even this is fraught with decisions that cannot be made without some steep mountains of knowledge to be absorbed, and assimilated. Unless you come from a sales and marketing background, you find words swirling in your head that make you sound like something from a bad crime drama.

But the one beautiful surety in this brave new world – is company.

If you, like me, simply wanted to write beautiful words, and now find you have to learn rather ugly ones, in order for the former to be heard – then read, and listen, and use your own common sense.

This is such a huge topic, but like your first novel; you have to begin somewhere.

If you are new to self-publishing – what did you find the single most effective thing, of all you tried, to promote your book from the very beginning? I, and hopefully others visiting here, would love to know so please leave us your nuggets of wisdom below :)

Meanwhile here is one author’s early experiences to whet your appetite:

How I achieved Amazon bestseller status!

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