Tuesday Thesaurus – cherished childhoods


Do you have a cherished place that you returned to each year, as a child?

Has it changed?

Have you?

In our family, we have a cherished childhood place – three generations on it remains just as special to the new children discovering its delights.

A simple place in our Isles, where beach meets hill meets water.

Rain is ever-present, but so is the intoxicating air, and the peaty scent of rust-coloured stream bursting through its mossy bank to wash the slate clean.

Turning to the West its boundary is a secret spread of golden sand so soft its caress on a warm summer day belies its needle sharp bite when the winds howl and the waves roar.

And then came the change.

A roar from the Atlantic and all was confusion.

As our country sank to its knees in bursting river banks, its coasts churned with ‘tempestuous rage.’

Brave men work through the night to repair twisted steel and re-unite our coasts.

Dunes have disappeared; crumbling sand cliffs tempt the gulls with unearthed spoils.

Renewing family loyalties, we return like the birds with ruffled feathers to re-nest!

Our cherished place is a changed landscape, and life will go on.

Do you have a cherished childhood place?

the lone ranger


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