Tuesday Thesaurus of Thoughts – Sustaining the dream

Sri Lanka

Welcome if this is the first time you have hopped in for a look!

Today’s post is mildly philosophical – I was thinking of reality versus fantasy.

That practicalities can challenge our dreams.

How to sustain the dream, then?

Walt Disney dreamed large, and if any of you have seen ‘Saving Mr Banks’, recently, it will have reminded you that he was, in an old friend’s favourite phrase – ‘A self-made man’.

Imagination spins the dream – Persistence and Resilience sustain it.

We can all dream. Ask any child.

I left ‘Saving Mr Banks’ thinking more of the cranky old author who had transformed a terrible childhood experience into a beautiful, inspiring story, and how hard it must have been for her, and yet she succeeded.

What will you do with your ideas?

Whatever you do – never give up! :)

Here are just a few, from all walks of life, who are a testament to the power of dreams. I am sure you can think of many, many yourself.

Albert Einstein

JRR Tolkein

Gerald Durrell 

JK Rowling

Bill Gates     

William Wilberforce

Mother Teresa  

Richard Branson

Walt Disney

St Francis of Assisi

Florence Nightingale

Leonardo da Vinci 

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