Tuesday Thesaurus of Thoughts

Safety!     Sunday was Mother’s day, as duly noted by Google with a colourful picture.

I looked it up on Wikipedia and it highlighted the differences around the world for the dates it is celebrated, and its origin.

I had always been taught by my own mother that it was the day all young girls in service were allowed to visit their homes, and their mothers, and many rural tales had used this special day to full tragic effect. I vaguely remembered there being an agricultural reason the poor young things were allowed to escape their harsh routine on this particular day.

However Wikipedia sourced its origins as 1908, by a young woman who held a memorial in West Virginia. I followed the trail to Mothering Sunday and all became clear. The two are now so blended that we know not they were once quite different days. I could hear my mother tossing in her celestial bed. I could hear her voice clearly admonishing me for confusing the English, with the American.

As a young woman who lived through both World Wars; nations and their languages each had their own place in the world. I could also see her propped up in bed as we brought her cold tea and bendy toast! A picture guessing game softly stroked onto a bare arm as she braved this awful feast! I hope you had a lovely day :) Mothering Sunday

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