TUESDAY THESAURUS OF THOUGHTS – on YA fantasy fiction and the 9-12 year olds


Eagle hunterYoung Adult fantasy fiction is popular. The cinemas echo with the boom of the contestants’ demise in Hunger Games and the volley of gunshots in Divergent. The raw passion of Twilight and the horrors of the oblation in Golden Compass not quite forgotten.

All is primitive, pulsing, power. The teenagers are satisfied and the producers replete.

Now, isn’t it time for the middlies to have some fun?

Where are their books and films? They have a whole extra world between childhood and the bite of a teen. With their fertile imagination – they are the new link from naïveté to reality and in the knowledge of what is to come, can’t they revel in what they still have permission to believe?

The Victorian boys had a surfeit of  adventure on the high seas, (stolen by their sisters on many occasions as a survey once revealed), the children of the Golden Age had Ransome, Nesbit, Blyton, Streatfield amongst countless others.

Looking at the 9-12 section in a bookstore, I think they are beginning to come. I hope the films will follow because undoubtably the two service each other for awareness.

The 9-13 year olds are reading YA but they have the freedom to enjoy themes that can satisfy their own special age, and I hope to see more of them – even as I write a few myself!

What were your favourite books at that age? If you have 9-12 year olds what are they reading? Leave a title in the comment box!


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