When I write, I surround myself with images, and sounds, until I am cocooned in the world being created.

Or, I may go to a cafe, and let the white noise of folk and faces create the blur against which I can write – like a child listening to the noises of the household as it drifts slowly off to another world.

The internet, however, has brought a new toy into my worlds of escape – live streaming!

I can be under the ocean, in a city, high on an Osprey’s nest…the possibilities are endless.

Writing of places under the sea, in Oceans, the sequel to Toxics, it is wonderful to hear the sounds of the Ocean as I write, and to quietly watch the movements of fish, on a live camera, before I begin.

It stills my thoughts, and removes me from the endless lists of daily life, and then the words return.

Agatha Christie had her favourite Seaside hideaway in Devon, and writers throughout time have sought their escapes.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a clifftop haven, or a shepherds hut in the woods, or even a garden shed – then try using live streaming, and audio clips.

Like a child covering their eyes in order to hide – it’s amazing where you can go!

Under the Ocean 

Why don’t you let me know where you escape to?

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