TUESDAY THESAURUS OF THOUGHTS – A ticking clock of books.

Big Ben When I was barely eleven, I wrote a poem that I was asked to read out to a hall of new people at our local secondary school. I had written it in primary school, and now found myself standing in front of a large room of terrifying uniforms – quite wondering how I had ended up in this position.

It had been an exercise in transition, perhaps, for us newbies to take an immediate part in our new school. I’m not sure it worked, but I never forgot that poem!

It was titled: TICK-TOCK :)

It begins, ‘Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock says tick and we must tock,’

and so forth.

It was meant to engender a sense of rising panic. It certainly succeeded for me, and I think now at that, as I attempt to read all the wonderful books of my author friends, my bookclub, and on the new avaricious Goodreads,

A scene from Star Trek where the furry creatures burst out of a cupboard comes to mind.

What I want to know is – how many books are you all reading per week?

Tick-tock :)

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