Thesaurus is defined as ‘a storehouse of information’ in its simplest Little Oxford dictionary definition circa 1972.

I hope my Tuesday musings can be perceived in this light. The Greek word translates, simply, as ‘A TREASURE’. That would be a fine aim :)

Someone once asked me why I call my Tuesday blog a Thesaurus, so I felt compelled to add ‘of thoughts’ to TUESDAY THESAURUS. My writing really began with the gift of my own Roget’s International Thesaurus, circa 1973.

I wrote without, but in the editing of TOXICS I found I was frustrated with the slightly worn palette of my vocabulary, and TOXICS is richly endowed with variety from the beginning to the end. I blew off the dust, uttered a prayer of thanks to the two people who had told me (circa 1972) that I should be a writer, a painter of words, a scribe, author, novelist, essayist, yielder of the mighty nib, etc., and had some fun.

In the end, I found my original word was more often than not the one I kept, but I went on such a journey of delight I could spend hours pouring over the extensive lists. And sometimes a true gem appeared.

If you never have; go read Roget’s Thesaurus. It may not give you a better word, but you will have a wonderful time!

TOXICS: 682.5. poisonous, toxic, toxicant, toxiferous; venomous, envenomed; virulent, noxioius, malignant, malign, destructive, deadly; mephitic (al), miasmal, miasmic, miasmatic.

In wanting to destroy, harbouring destructive intentions, filled with hatred and bitterness – and trying to infect all their own species with this wickedness – yes I think the creatures who gave my novel – the first in the Old World – its title, fits in with Mr Peter Mark Roget’s list, do you?

Peter Mark Roget



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