TUESDAY THESAURUS – Saying good-bye


I remember the day Princess Diana died. My husband awoke me and I absorbed the news quietly.

She and I had lived, and married in parallel. Our lives never touching – yet by invisible threads of geography and circumstance we were silently linked.

In the last couple of weeks Robin Williams, and Richard Attenborough have said good-bye. Wonderful complilations of their work and lives are being shared across the globe. Their families grieve privately, but must share with all who came to love them through their work.

And their work will of course live on, as testament to their courage, dedication, and sheer joy of life – in spite of all adversity – public or private.

But more importantly – the warmth and love shown by all who gather to say good-bye shows their finest achievement, in the words of Albert Einstein:

‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’

I unite with all to thank them both for leaving so many funny and good memories – truly men of value.




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