Tuesday Thesaurus – Wildlife wonders







This blog describes itself as commenting on ‘life, wildlife, and booklife.’

It feels an awfully long time since I mentioned the beautiful creatures with whom we share this planet.

Eagle hunter

I tweet regularly for those in need, or those who bring a smile of delight with their beauty, or their intelligence, or their compassion.

When does a love affair with animals begin? At birth?Watching you watching me




At about six years of age, I horrified my mother by spending my pocket money illicitly on a charity that would send me stories of my friends, and badges to wear with pride.

At eleven I discovered Gerald Durrell, and never really looked back.

imageTerrified of spiders I realised I would not make an efficient zoologist.

So instead I learnt, shared, and adopted. My children grew up with a virtual family of fruit bats, tortoise, lemur, and finally a little girl with a rather long trunk who loves mud, and has just been allowed to leave the nursery. Living in Africa she will not be joining us for breakfast – although my children did enquire if she may!


There are so many charities, and individuals out there helping and loving our wildlife, whether in captivation by necessity, or free to roam.

Fluffing up and keeping warm

Does the old man next door who fostepensive lionrs garden birds with broken wings know he is the brother of the game park keeper who guards his mighty beasts with courage and strength?


It is not hard to care for these treasured neighbours, is it? Just browse the stunning array of images online, and enjoy, and perhaps wonder what you might do, even if in a tiny way?

pondering giraffe

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