Story snippets

tumblr_ms73ayARMY1rqgv0oo2_1280 Hello! Today I was thinking about my next story, and I thought I would discuss storylines with you – my own, I scribble on bits of cardboard, in cheque book covers, on the back of brochures – and of course all over my phone notes. If you write – where do you put your story ideas? After my fantasy duet of TOXICS and OCEANS I have a story I have been planning in my mind for well over a year. But like a class of naughty children – all these other storylines keep pestering me – I suppose the choice is the most exciting bit – like Christmas eve! How do you choose your next plot?

cropped-image006.jpg P.S. I hope winners of my giveaway are happy – I will email you with choices of how to receive your novel when the time comes – and meanwhile – there are still two days left if you would like the chance to have a copy of Oceans sent to you – see last Tuesdays post ‘a novel giveaway’ if you want to enter.

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