Publishing pebbles


Oh, OCEANS is so close, now. I can smell the sea-salt and hear those pebbles!

It’s been a long spring, tidying it up, but to all who await the return of Felicity and Reuben – fear not!

It’s going off to the editor this week, for its spit and polish – do you see those tiny extra gaps between words that are invisible? They do!

Then the cover will commence! Something to echo the glorious colours of TOXICS, and yet the feel of the Ocean must be strong.

This adventure is set far in the Western Isle, and in the hidden territories of the Meshi – a sea-folk as yet undiscovered.

I had so many horrors wanting to outdo each other in vileness – to increase tension, a writer must increase obstacles. In OCEANS, Reuben and Felicity meet plenty !

Will they succeed, again? Or will this be the end of their love? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!







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