Tuesday Time



My first memory of late arrivals, was the regular occurrence of my mother not collecting me from school with everyone else’s parents. The street would gradually empty, until only I and my sister were left. Tummies rumbling we would kick the leaves and wait patiently.

Sometimes she didn’t arrive at all. Someone else would come, and we would climb into a strange car and trundle away.

But I don’t remember minding. Not at all.

It doesn’t seem to work the other way, though, does it? I have a lifetime achievement of late arrivals. My mother’s skill was passed on to me, and I can tell you a thing or two about the reaction of people to unpunctuality!

Roget’s Thesaurus has only 5 words for it, in 132.1. – Lateness, tardiness, belatedness, unpunctuality, and untimeliness.

Sociolinguistics suggesting the British do not need more – they are not late :)

Are you?

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