Blog of February

Rosie's staircase

Discussing the news with an old friend: ‘Father won’t listen to it. Switches it off – he says it depresses him.’

This is a conversation that goes around.

It is vital to understand what is happening in the world. Of course. To know is power and with power can come action.


The good stuff? Always ignored – ‘Bad news sells!’. Really? Have you been on You Tube recently? Facebook? And the rest.

Abundant in cameos of human love, animal love, love for animals and animals’ love for humans.

The online web hums with the golden threads of love, kindness, forgiveness. Acts of anonymous kindness, words of spiritual joy, compassionate works of goodness to child, man and beast.

Help, courage and wonder seeps into the omnipresent darkness that tries to persuade us it is.

Tales of heroic acts, outstanding loyalty, lifetimes of service to the landscape, its wildlife, and those with no voice.

How about some joy, on the news, to strengthen hope, and empower the damaged? It might actually make a difference.

tiny flower



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