May day Blog



It’s May 1st.




As we get older, we seem to pick up so much baggage. Like a barnacled whale we push on through the seas of life, which seem a little heavier as the years pass. Good years, bad years, but eventually, – at different points for each person, perhaps – we seem to stop.

Have you reached that point yet?

Then listen to the inspiration of the wise ones. The spiritual healers, the nature-lovers, and those that give to others so hard and without question their current carries them right on with no resistance.

Listen to the wind in the trees, and across the ocean. To the cacophony of noise in a city going about its daily life.


Renewal with each breath we take. A fresh opportunity to change, if that is what is needed. To laugh, if it was missing. To love.

In the end it all comes down to love, doesn’t it?

Have a beautiful Mayday, wherever you are.

week-ends = family!


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