A bit of a blog for September!


Well another September – the wheel of nature rotates and high in the trees the wind sings its song of winter. As yet a soft whisper, but we feel the cool frosts promised in its icy touch early in the  morning or last thing at night.

Down on the ground man’s heart rages to its confused tune. So much pain. So much love.

.And the earth calmly continues in its revolutions forged before time was born. Before man came to shout. And sing.

A thoughtful mood for September, but wherever you find yourself this month, a tiny bit of a blog wishes you peace and joy.

2 thoughts on “A bit of a blog for September!

  1. Harlon says:

    Dear Isabel, it is a confusing time on this earth, it so happens September 1 is my birthday. It’s also my favourite month – not for that reason, but to bask in the gentler sunlight and reflect, to plan, to adjust. Your Canadian friend, Harlon

    • isabelburt says:

      Happy Birthday Harlon! September does feel as if it asks you to refresh the page, doesn’t it? I always think it is a residual feeling from schooldays and the end of the long summer holiday, but perhaps there are mystical forces that give it this feeling of renewal and as you say, contemplation. I hope you had a beautiful day, and thank you for visiting my bit of a blog! Isabel

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