Blog for December


December Greetings!

This is the month of goodwill, and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog of quotes and the monthly greeting!

I want also to apologise for not visiting all of my WordPress colleagues in the last couple of months.

As the weeks have passed I have to admit defeat. I havent managed any reciprocation since October, and I think I will have to rebegin from now. The backlog is terrifying! I love all your blogs – such a variety of creative inspiration and soulful life experiences, but I rarely sit at the computer properly. Dashing off quick ‘like’ clicks on a phone is not a rewarding or useful experience.

Do you find social media is actually a bit of a monster?

I continue to pursue the life of a writer with a conservation conscience, and to question the reason for keeping up a blog!

Maybe in 2017 I will post a little more of my writing, whilst upholding the transference of wisdom in the Friday quotes!

So here is my big hopeless LIKEBACK and BIG THANKYOU to all who visit here. And I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!


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