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Welcome to my blog. It began as a chat with potential young readers, changed to a rant on writing, transformed into an inspirational string of my favourite quotes, and in this form it remains. My belief being, that I cannot possibly say anything better than the authors can. My best hope is to curate them and let their wise words speak for themselves!

I do feel obliged to turn up personally, however, with a monthly snippet of something. A fillet of plaice Gerald Durrell might say.

This February I read that thousands more new homes will be built in this country, to solve housing shortages, and I am wondering what will happen to the thousands of wildlife homes that will be destroyed. I am wondering if this is something one is even allowed to ask, when our shores are flooded with people needing homes. Again the question of man versus beast. At the annual Natural History Museum’s wildlife photography exhibition, there is always a section that stills the throng.

It speaks of our planet. And man’s impact. And the consequences for our dwindling wildlife. A gorilla stares desperately up at the camera from her lone tree, swaying above a scene of carnage and destruction. Her eyes speak of confusion. All she has learnt, inherited, intuited – useless against the total destruction of her habitat and all her fellow life. She survives but for how long? What can she make of her life, her knowledge, her love?

I hope in the voicing of this question, a tiny seed of hope might take root. Perhaps it is too late for her, and her ancestors. Yet possibly a new world might take the time to save a refuge for a smaller band of her descendants. We share this planet. If they go down – they will take us with them.

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2 thoughts on “A February Blog

  1. Harlon says:

    Dear Isabel, it has been a delight to witness the blossoming of your blog and I think this is a very relevant piece. I studied Zoology for my undergraduate degree, which enhanced my knowledge of how species exist and co-exist. We are the species that is the most destructive to our habitat. I live in an area where there is such great fertile agricultural soil, but every time I go for a drive, it’s another new subdivision. We want more space, we want more energy, but it comes at a cost – sadly, it’s like the ultimate Visa bill, that we get in the mail later and realize, can we really pay that price? Peace, Harlon

    • isabelburt says:

      Dear Harlon,
      thank you for your kind comment. I do care deeply about the plight of our beautiful wildlife, as you have seen. You studied zoology – what a gift, (and I’m sure plenty of hard work!). It’s hard to envisage where all this will end, but I feel there is always hope. If life is change, then perhaps we just have to care for all we can, and trust in the greater current. Hope, peace and joy! Isabel

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