July Words

If life is a journey, what happens at the end?

Tara Brach has a lovely quote of a wise Buddhist monk asked by his pupil, ‘What happens when we die? To which the monk replies he doesn’t know. The pupil is disappointed in this great teacher’s lack of knowledge and asks him how he cannot know. To which the monk replies ‘Well I haven’t died yet, but I’ll let you know when I get there!’

(Paraphrased – apologies and thanks to T Brach!)

In embracing death we embrace our beautiful, complicated lives.

We cherish our loved ones even when we suffer from things they do or say.

We accept our precious time here is unmeasurable and begin to learn faster… we learn of love, and loss. Of betrayal and forgiveness. Of war and of tolerance.

Tears flow freely and we accept their salty message. We smile even when the horrors which plague our earth and people’s minds threaten to cover our souls in darkness. We smile because those who understand know this earth and us upon it have an incredible message to share.

Normally I speak of our precious wildlife, but today I felt like speaking of man – who for all his faults has within him the potential for greatness beyond all our dreams.

Today I pray we all work together – colour, race and creed – and show the spirit who we can be.

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