The mist lay across the tops of the hills. Its curves clung to the land, vast shadows and shapes in the half-light. 

As Felicity watched, it slid silently into the hollow of the dell in which she crouched. 

It spoke to her, and its voice was distant, a bare breath of sound.

‘Felicity,’ it whispered . . .

Fourteen year old Felicity Penfold is swept unwillingly into a mystical world where plants and beasts are equal, and all is heard. There she meets an Orion boy, Reuben, whom she must help in order to return home. His quest? To save his beloved Old World from the threat of the Toxics – led by Arrass, their venomous leader.

Felicity is slowly drawn into this primitive, powerful Old World, and as the quest becomes a race to the Sacred Caves, she begins to understand her strength, helped by the creatures and plants who become her friends. With Reuben enticing her further into the folds of the Old World – his story becomes her story.

But did she arrive in time?


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Available in paperback and as an ebook, from Amazon,  Kobo,  on order from all good bookshops, or directly from the publisher.





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