Photography and Family

golden pheasant

I think it is time to come clean.

I am not the photographer. My daughter is.

Well, occasionally you may see a grubby little photo I have taken on my phone, as a poor substitute for her brilliant photography.

Really, my blog would be utterly invisible, if it wasn’t for her stunning shots.

And these are just a few she took as a schoolchild.

She is off to study Art, seriously, in the autumn. Keep an eye on her.

Rosie Burt Photography

looking at you looking at me

Tuesday Thesaurus – A rich tapestry of life

light play

Maintaining a blog is a commitment. Do you agree?

And yet there are thousands and thousands of bloggers tapping away each day, and night.

The huge and rich variety of their output is truly amazing.

Imagine what could be achieved if everyone could meet at the same time, and amalgamate their thoughts – truly a book of all time would be born!

Informative, amusing, inspiring, encouraging, instructive, loving, supportive, disturbing, loving and visually exciting.

As we stand on the threshold of a New Year – I take this opportunity to raise a cheer to the blogging community – long may it continue!

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