It’s time to escape…


The call of the sea, and its breath is too strong,

Toxics is written – its lovers still wronged.

As Oceans awaits its tortuous birth,

The skies still echo the cry of a girl.


Where is Reuben?


(Blogs will arrive, and blogs be read,

Posts will appear, and tweets be said.

A flippant rhyme, as I pack my things –

yet Tuesdays and Fridays I will still pop in!)


9781781321867-Cover.inddPippiFootprints in the sand


TUESDAY THESAURUS – a change in the air!

OwlWelcome to Tuesday Thesaurus if you have ended up here!

Monday Mix, and Wednesday Words are no longer!…

Tuesday Thesaurus combines the best of both, and saves me precious writing time. I know all the writers amongst you will understand, and I hope all the readers amongst you will forgive me on the grounds that a little less blogging equals a lot more story, and a faster turnaround for the sequel to Toxics.

I would like Tuesday Thesaurus to combine:

… any news on the novels (important news will also appear on their own pages – Toxics and Oceans).

…any interesting articles I have come across for writers, readers, conservationists, philosophers, poets, and general bloggers who are just bored.

…beautiful photography from Snap and artwork from Abigail, without whom this blog would be very grey!

…guest posts from other authors and friends

…competitions and offers on the novels- news of which I will try always to remember to post on their pages for those that want to skip straight to THE BOOKS!

Once a month I will gather together a précis version, including, as always, all the novel activity. To receive this please sign up on the Mailchimp form and you will receive one in due course!

You can also find me enjoying Twitter over lunch, and I do share my blog with Facebook, but I don’t spend much time there.

I hope you enjoy the new Tuesday Thesaurus – and ALWAYS feel free to leave comments – I do reply to each and every one.

See you next Tuesday!

Notes: Tuesday – named after the Germanic God Tiw (associated with Mars). Thesaurus – a book that lists words in groups of related concepts.

WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers


All of you who have been following Wednesday posts, know they are all about my novel, Toxics.

This story is for young adults, primarily, but of course it’s just a story, and anyone who enjoys it, irrespective of age.

Most people aged 11-14 or so will not be reading a WordPress Wednesday Post – they will be abseiling off Tumbler pics, Instagram, etc etc etc, as the King of Siam says, in the movies.

But if you know someone of around that age, who would enjoy a love adventure, in a beautiful, organic world – then this is their story!

To recap, for any new readers: Toxics is set in the Old World – a world almost in parallel to ours. It is like earth, with similar climate and topography, but with no development. All is from the earth, and quite primitive.

Or is it?

In its sequel, Oceans, perhaps all was not quite as it seemed, in Toxics.

But for now, back to Toxics. Felicity, its heroine, is mysteriously taken there. Why? As the story unfolds, it becomes clear the Old World anticipated her arrival. Things are not so much fun, for Felicity, back home, so with initial reluctance, she allows herself to become more and more involved with the wonderful, and not so wonderful, creatures and plants that she meets.

But, if you HAVE been following Wednesday Words, you will have met Reuben. Is Reuben the real reason Felicity becomes slowly drawn into the troubles, and exotic beauty of this very special world?

Well, once you have read Toxics – you can decide for yourself.


WEDNESDAY WORDS – Talking to readers

Hello! I was thinking you might like to hear a little about Reuben and the Orion today.

Reuben is an Orion, and if you look back you will see what the Orion are. They are mostly like us – but a little more physically skilful. They have extra spring in their legs, like the cat families in our world – big and small!. All Orion have a fluffy, black and white tail, but Reuben does not. No-one knows why, but his mother alone suspects the truth. They are very attractive, and this can lead, with some of them, to a tendency for vanity.

You wouldn’t know Reuben was not a boy. If the sun touches his skin, Felicity can see his face and body have a sheen of fine down, – but many humans have that too. He has dark, slippy hair, that he ties back from his face with a cord.

During the story, Reuben grows up, and becomes a man. He grew up in a large settlement, called Orionwood. Felicity travels there with him, and below is an extract in which Felicity meets Reuben’s mother for the first time:

    ‘Felicity was fascinated by her. She was quite tall, but smaller than Reuben. Her hair was dark and silky like Reuben’s but flecked with grey. Her eyes were huge yellow-amber orbs. She moved with a grace that Felicity envied. She was truly a beautiful creature. Felicity felt shy. Reuben stepped back and took her hand. He pulled her in front of his parents.

‘Mother, Father, I introduce to you Felicity Isabel Penfold. She has come from a world apart and is the stranger I was first sent to seek for the quest.’

See you next time!


© Isabel Burt 2013





First of all, I am so sorry if you visited for the weekly Toxics post and it wasn’t here! I was so busy fighting with a small computer glitch that I missed my mid-day deadline.

Well, let’s get back to Toxics.

PippiAn extract today, of the initial meeting between Pippi and Wolfgang: 

‘The Lupata came in a variety of colours: steely grey, ash silver, tawny brown like Pippi, fox red and hazelnut brown. A huge black Lupata in the far corner caught her eye. He was pacing the perimeter of the arena, and his colour and size made him stand out. Felicity looked up at Pippi. She knew Pippi had seen him. Her friend was very, very still…The black beast who paced ever closer was broad, like Pippi, but tall too. He really is quite breathtaking, Felicity thought.

She edged towards Georges as she felt Pippi’s attention leaving her. Pippi took one step forwards and then with a bound she was in a skirmish with another female who had sidled up to stand between her and the approaching male. The other female was considerably larger than Pippi. Her fur was silver. Felicity noticed some of the sparring males eyeing her in between mouthfuls of fur. The skirmish was brief and fierce. The silver female limped off elegantly. Pippi returned to her proud stance. The huge black male was now so close Felicity could see his muzzle was speckled with grey hairs. She felt a slight shift in Pippi’s stance. Then a pause and then imperceptibly her neck straightened again.

From behind Georges’ front leg, Felicity watched the meeting. Pippi was beautiful. Her fur shone chestnut and golden and red-brown in the strengthening sunlight. Her face was broad, and her eyes deep and kind. Her full tail swished in pleasure as they rubbed noses. The male bowed down, and Pippi place her paws on his knees. The top of her neck was now completely exposed to his huge muzzle. But instead of lifting her up and dragging her off, he simply licked her with rough strokes of his huge black-spotted tongue. Then he walked away… ‘

abridged by author ©  Isabel Burt 2013



Wednesdays are always for my readers, as promised, and so this week I think it’s time to meet the symbols of the species in the Old World. They are on the Toxics page, also, and you will notice I have now added the Strata – who got left off the page, by mistake!

They would not be amused – but they would not be angered – they are the peacekeepers of the Old World.

The Symbols – like the Old world – are simple:

The Strata fly above the horizon (top of page)

The Taureau are represented by their horns –  their enharmonic  – The Green leaf encloses the Taureau in its symbol

The Oceanids are represented as intersecting water beasts – their enharmonic – The Aquatics leaf pad encloses the Oceanid symbol

The Lupata show their teeth! – their enharmonic – The Thorn defence sign encloses the Lupata teeth

The Orion show their feline nature upon their shape of symmetry – their enharmonic – The Fragrants adorn and enclose the Orion symbol

The Sibilin symbol has a supple twist – their enharmonic – The Colour changers encircle the Sibilin in secure peace

The Toxics seek balance in their sign