Tuesday Thesaurus – The simple joy of creative writing


At what age does the joy of making something up in your head begin? And I don’t mean fibbing!

I remember poetry writing at about six or seven, and the fun of making the pictures in my head be crafted into the words of my mental library!

Big ones, short ones, funny-sounding ones. Ones that go together. or don’t fit at all.

There is no doubt that even at a very young age, a child may have a love of writing creatively, a sense of writing poetically.

Just as a child playing on the beach will know exactly how to arrange their pebbles and driftwood, so too can they choose and order their words upon the page.

And then of course, the satisfaction of reading those words aloud, and hearing them sing!

Somewhere in the mania of our targets, and hopes, may we all remind ourselves of the innocent joy of playing with words.