Camus on a Friday – Consequences no longer!

golden pheasant

Well that has been fun – but perhaps it is time for a change – the next few weeks of quotes will be free of theme – literary or sequential – and will stand on a Friday because they inspire and open the mind – I hope you enjoy them, and the wonderful photography mainly drawn from RosieBurtPhotography.

So for this week, Albert Camus, on a theme recently extolled by Eckhart Tolle, amongst all those who believe in the spirit within us.

winter scene

‘In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.’

Albert Camus

Tuesday Thesaurus – Awake for the Advent season!



It is December, and Advent is upon us!

The shops fill with decorations, the streets fill with shoppers, and the churches fill a few more benches!

Buddhism spreads like wildfire, and in some countries Christians find themselves explaining their faith in a world where it is no longer part of the language.

Whether you call it Essence love or the Holy Spirit of God, or something else altogether – I hope these next few weeks bring you a little extra lightness of being.

Writers use their imagination, on the whole, but there is a magical moment, where some kind of joy just takes the story forwards –

What is that?