A March Blog

9781781321867-Cover.inddoceans front only jpgIt seems such a long time since I spoke of these two, my first fantasy duo. It seems such a long time since I wrote them! But recently I had to send off some extracts, and I thought I’d dust off their pretty covers again (the work of two talented folk, Derek and Rosie), to talk of life.

Now, wildlife conservation and sustainability have always been very important to me, as you will know if you follow my blog, and I try to write with these in mind:

“…Toxics, set in a world in which the environmental balance has been altered by the birth of a new species…This fantasy world will encourage older children (10+) to think more carefully about the environmental issues of their own planet.”

In March we have the beginning of spring.  A time of regeneration, and of hope. The world feels particularly precarious just now, doesn’t it? And yet there are always messages of positivity, of hope and peace. Mother Teresa once said,

‘We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.’

A pair of fantasy children’s novels hoping for balance, a new novel on its way dreaming of conservation…drip, drip…how can a few words help when I read the headlines? I don’t know…maybe something I say will inspire a budding conservationist…a brilliant ecologist…a wise peacemaker…who knows? …drip, drop.

I wish you hope, peace and joy this spring, and the desire to do whatever you can, in your own small or large way.




A February Blog



Welcome to my blog. It began as a chat with potential young readers, changed to a rant on writing, transformed into an inspirational string of my favourite quotes, and in this form it remains. My belief being, that I cannot possibly say anything better than the authors can. My best hope is to curate them and let their wise words speak for themselves!

I do feel obliged to turn up personally, however, with a monthly snippet of something. A fillet of plaice Gerald Durrell might say.

This February I read that thousands more new homes will be built in this country, to solve housing shortages, and I am wondering what will happen to the thousands of wildlife homes that will be destroyed. I am wondering if this is something one is even allowed to ask, when our shores are flooded with people needing homes. Again the question of man versus beast. At the annual Natural History Museum’s wildlife photography exhibition, there is always a section that stills the throng.

It speaks of our planet. And man’s impact. And the consequences for our dwindling wildlife. A gorilla stares desperately up at the camera from her lone tree, swaying above a scene of carnage and destruction. Her eyes speak of confusion. All she has learnt, inherited, intuited – useless against the total destruction of her habitat and all her fellow life. She survives but for how long? What can she make of her life, her knowledge, her love?

I hope in the voicing of this question, a tiny seed of hope might take root. Perhaps it is too late for her, and her ancestors. Yet possibly a new world might take the time to save a refuge for a smaller band of her descendants. We share this planet. If they go down – they will take us with them.

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Blog for December


December Greetings!

This is the month of goodwill, and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog of quotes and the monthly greeting!

I want also to apologise for not visiting all of my WordPress colleagues in the last couple of months.

As the weeks have passed I have to admit defeat. I havent managed any reciprocation since October, and I think I will have to rebegin from now. The backlog is terrifying! I love all your blogs – such a variety of creative inspiration and soulful life experiences, but I rarely sit at the computer properly. Dashing off quick ‘like’ clicks on a phone is not a rewarding or useful experience.

Do you find social media is actually a bit of a monster?

I continue to pursue the life of a writer with a conservation conscience, and to question the reason for keeping up a blog!

Maybe in 2017 I will post a little more of my writing, whilst upholding the transference of wisdom in the Friday quotes!

So here is my big hopeless LIKEBACK and BIG THANKYOU to all who visit here. And I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!


Blog of June


It is June 2016 and summer has arrived!

A bee drones on its journey, pushing away the last drizzle of rain.

Here in England the fields seem to be ever increasingly swallowed for the roads of progress, the houses of the many.

In my new novel, this progress is causing tension in a family, and Saphie, the young heroine is caught in the middle.

Enviromental ethics are a buzz word these days. But some people have always had them on their mind.

Buzz buzz.

Have a good June :)