When I was tagging this blog, I realised the tags represent some of the themes in TOXICS, and its sequel, OCEANS.

Adventure – Alternative worlds – Life – Lovers of mystical worlds – Nature – Fantasy for children – Ecofiction – Felicity and Reuben – Conservation –


I joined the PDSA at a very young age – illicitly using my pocket money – and my bemused mother would pass me my membership envelopes from the small animal care organisation, trying to understand her strange child!  IMG_0296

I have continued, by adopting animals, and educating my children. We have supported a variety of wildlife. Adopted through three conservation establishments, and adored by my children. Although my human children have all but left the nest, their sister, Sonje, is still protected, and learning to survive in the wild, a step at a time.

Wildlife conservation, and therefore the protection of their habitat, and then by definition our ecosystems, is, I accept, an incredibly difficult balance, but the survival of humans must share itself with the survival of animals, and our global habitat! How can we not care to support that aim, in whatever way we can?

Only a very stupid creature would destroy its very life-source, wouldn’t it?

Peter Rabbit

In Toxics and Oceans, the Old World is threatened by ignorance.

I have a magnet on my fridge that says to me ‘ Relax – all the worries of the world are not yours to bear.’ No, we can’t solve the world, only something greater than us could do that. But one man or woman with a dream can change many things. For us, and for our wildlife.

If you want to know more about the wonderful people who strive for a better world for our friends, please click on the links below, and warm your heart. Maybe you will be moved to help, in a way that you feel is right for you.

Have a lovely July.


Durrell Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Ocean ConservationFootprints in the sand

More Ocean Conservation

TUESDAY THESAURUS – Chorleywood Indie Fair


I am escaping! My favourite thing – off to have some fun with other authors, and have a lovely afternoon chatting of books and men!

Actually, it’s not till November, but I had to mention it now – Felicity, Reuben and I are going along, and I may even bring them out of Toxics to life, for a moment.

Meanwhile, in order to prepare for that, we are going to practice meeting our readers -I may even share with you my early experiences of reading aloud to my victims – something I have successfully avoided doing since school days :)

I would love to hear how it went for you, if you found yourself, as a new indie author – holding your book in your hands, and speaking those words aloud for the very first time!


Chorleywood Indie Fair

TUESDAY THESAURUS OF THOUGHTS – on YA fantasy fiction and the 9-12 year olds


Eagle hunterYoung Adult fantasy fiction is popular. The cinemas echo with the boom of the contestants’ demise in Hunger Games and the volley of gunshots in Divergent. The raw passion of Twilight and the horrors of the oblation in Golden Compass not quite forgotten.

All is primitive, pulsing, power. The teenagers are satisfied and the producers replete.

Now, isn’t it time for the middlies to have some fun?

Where are their books and films? They have a whole extra world between childhood and the bite of a teen. With their fertile imagination – they are the new link from naïveté to reality and in the knowledge of what is to come, can’t they revel in what they still have permission to believe?

The Victorian boys had a surfeit of  adventure on the high seas, (stolen by their sisters on many occasions as a survey once revealed), the children of the Golden Age had Ransome, Nesbit, Blyton, Streatfield amongst countless others.

Looking at the 9-12 section in a bookstore, I think they are beginning to come. I hope the films will follow because undoubtably the two service each other for awareness.

The 9-13 year olds are reading YA but they have the freedom to enjoy themes that can satisfy their own special age, and I hope to see more of them – even as I write a few myself!

What were your favourite books at that age? If you have 9-12 year olds what are they reading? Leave a title in the comment box!


Tuesday Thesaurus of Thoughts – A book signing and a lot of fun!


DSC_0011One Saturday, not so long ago – I attempted a book signing event!

Having managed to face up to this need, I threw myself, my family, and most of my friends into the arena!

Here is the fun we had – if you want to join in try the Recipe for Fizruffs at the end, and enter the Old World with us! :

I hope you enjoy the clips and pics from my talented family and friends – a great day for all ending with a delicious lunch, and hopefully even a few more Old World fans ;)

DSC_0001  DSC_0006

DSC_0014 DSC_0015


FIZZRUFFS – A Food of the Old World – See Chapter 14 of Toxics.

(Or the best we can make of them, in our World!)

For approx 16 Fizzruffs, you will need: 

3 egg whites, 175g caster sugar, 150ml whipping cream, yellow, pink, blue/green food colouring, coated popping candy.

Line a baking tray with silicone paper.

Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Add the caster sugar, a teaspoonful at a time, whisking well. Separate carefully into three bowls, and fold in 2 drops of food colouring, in each mixture, so you now have very pale pink, blue and green mixture.

Using two large teaspoons, spoon the meringues out onto the silicon paper, being careful to keep the three colours of tiny meringues well apart!

Put into a very gentle oven heat: around 50 degrees electric or Gas mark 1/4 . Leave for approx 3 hours. Remove and place on a cooling tray until completely cold.

When ready to eat, whip the whipping cream in a bowl until quite stiff. Place a spoonful on one meringue, sprinkle the creamy surface generously with the coated popping candy, and sandwich another tiny meringue on top.

Place in mouth, and wait for the fun to begin.


© Isabel Burt 2014

TUESDAY THESAURUS – Christmas spirit

pensive lion

Christmas, and all its trimmings, are over.

The turkey carcass rots, and the tree lies slumped on the back lawn.

Half-eaten bags of waxy chocolate coins, and TV guides missing outer covers, strew sticky coffee tables across the country.

But to Christians, this was a wonderful time of remembrance, and celebration.

C.S. Lewis, of course, was a celebrated author, who invested his beautiful stories with a warmth, and humanity, that continues to shine.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever your beliefs or otherwise.