January Blogging


2018 has arrived.

I would like to say thank you to all who visit here  – you know who you are! And for new visitors,  please look at who I follow because they are all wonderful. Your support and loyalty in the blogging community means much. Especially as my blog is an abbreviated affair – mainly populated with others’ brilliant words. Good luck to all of you in your creative works in this coming year.

It’s a busy time for me, and so I leave you with a favourite quote. Meanwhile, I hope all your wishes come true, in abundance, and that love heals all, for all, in all.

‘Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, “It will be happier.” ‘

Alfred LordTennyson

Tuesday Thesaurus – In the dark


Well, we are past the winter solstice, and February is almost upon us.


I have always wondered how it feels to be born in January?

It is very dark, and a bit cold (in the North) for outdoor balloon games!

Family and friends suffer from colds, or cash crises, or both.

However, it doesn’t seem to have hurt one little boy, born in 1756. Not at all!

Click on the link to find out who he was…


Tuesday Thesaurus – Reviews

tiny flower

Do you enjoy leaving reviews?

They appear to be the fodder of the online world.

Book reviews

Cinema reviews

Product reviews

Holiday reviews

Before you press the button, do you find yourself inexorably drawn to the long list of reviews?

‘Appalling. Nothing like the photos suggest. The pool was in a shed also inhabited by a friendly family of rodents. We will not be returning.’

‘The flex is so short my wife had to carry the hoover onto each stair, and the description fails to mention the vacuum weighs more than a small horse. It has cost us six sessions of physiotherapy. Do not be tempted by the low price.’

‘ Ms Smith takes 230 pages to introduce her cast of 25 characters. With the remaining 100 pages she kills them all off, and to be frank, one is rather relieved. A drab novel with nothing to redeem it, save its perfect size as a double coaster.’

Amazon customer reviews