August always suggests heat in my mind.

Parched grass, cracked mud, rubbery strands tickling my toes as a child. Burning sand. Crickets. Midgets. Ice-cream holidays for the lucky ones. The dark ocean beckoning us to cool in its silken depths. Children splashing, old ones sighing. Lovers entwined in sticky embrace. Animals shading. A month of still, a month of respectful heat.

I hope you find something beautiful in August, even if you remain pinned to the office, shop, warehouse or ward.

I hope you find a moment to pause, and feel the pulse of life in this intense dustbowl of days.

See you in September!


A blog for June

It is June 1st, and summer has almost arrived.

Here in Snowdonia, whatever the weather the annual duck race is alive and well!

The web of water that sustains this beautiful land creates the perfect network of brook and bridge for the villages to empty their cascades of yellow ducks in an annual charity race.

The frozen smiles on the plastic ducks remain resolute as they wind their way down the icy streams to the delighted shrieks of the children, and an occasional smile from an adult trying to stay upright on the moss-grown boulders designed to upend even the deepest wellie tread.

1000 toy ducks are not sufficient, so local rumour has it! The races take place throughout the villages and are all for a good cause. Often to raise essential funds for the local Ganolfan or village hall. These facilities are vital for old and young alike, for even in our age of shared technology, some of these villages are remote, and gathering together in real-life shared activities, and warmth, are as important as they were to our ancestors.

So as June rolls in, I hope you enjoy this funny spectacle as much as I and the bemused local lambs.

Happy June, and thank you for popping in!

A bit of a blog for September!


Well another September – the wheel of nature rotates and high in the trees the wind sings its song of winter. As yet a soft whisper, but we feel the cool frosts promised in its icy touch early in the  morning or last thing at night.

Down on the ground man’s heart rages to its confused tune. So much pain. So much love.

.And the earth calmly continues in its revolutions forged before time was born. Before man came to shout. And sing.

A thoughtful mood for September, but wherever you find yourself this month, a tiny bit of a blog wishes you peace and joy.